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    Hosted by the Asian Society of Neurological Rehabilitation (AOSNR) and Jiangsu Province Hospital, The 3rd ASIA-OCEANIAN CONGRESS FOR NEUROREHABILITATION (AOCNR2019), organized by Pan Asia Pacific Medical Institute Consulting Co., Ltd., is officially ended on April 14th in Nanjing at Novotel Hotel Suning East Hotel, China.


    More than a thousand participants from all over the world, more than 100 speakers and essayists from home and abroad, 48 rehabilitation companies gathered in Chinese ancient capital, and participated in the theme of “High Tech Integrated with Neuro-Rehabilitation" academic exchange event


    Pathways: Repair, Restore, Rebuild Lives

    2nd Asia-Oceanian Congress for NeuroRehabilitation

    5th Philippine Society of NeuroRehabilitation Conference

    The Asia-Oceanian Society of NeuroRehabilitation [AOSNR], Philippine Society of NeuroRehabilitation [PSNR] and World Federation of NeuroRehabilitation [WFNR] conducted a joint Asia-Oceanian Congress for NeuroRehabilitation and PSNR Conference last August 8-10, 2017. Held at the picturesque Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City, Philippines, the breathtaking landscape enamors with the world’s smallest volcano and one of the most beautiful lakes.


    The summit showcased world-renowned and homegrown speakers across the continents who are specialists in Neurology and Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine and other allied medical professionals with the succeeding topics, namely:


    The 1st AOSNR Presidium officers were Dr. Nam Jong Paik [President], Dr. Teresita Joy Ples Evangelista [President-Elect], Dr. Nirmal Surya [Secretary-General], Dr. Tiebin Yan [Treasurer] & Dr. Jerico Dela Cruz [Board of Trustee]. The PSNR officers were Dr. Teresita Joy Ples Evangelista [President], Dr. Michelli Mae Yusay [Vice-President], Dr. Reynaldo Rey-Matias [Secretary] & Dr. Julyn Aguilar [Treasurer]. For the successful and blockbuster joint AOCNR and PSNR conference, the participants included neurologists, physiatrists, other physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied medical professionals.

    The 1st Asia-Oceanian Congress for Neurorehabilitation-AOCNR 2015:

    The 1st Asia-Oceanian Congress for Neurorehabilitation (AOCNR 2015) was held in Seoul, Korea on 3-5 September this year at the The Grand Hilton.


    At the AOCNR 2015, under the theme of "Fire together, Wire together" a total of 515 participants, 327 domestic and 188 international from 30 countries, gathered to discuss recently emerging issues and exchange the latest information in the field of neurorehabilitation.


    There were a total of 36 sessions and an impressive 311 presentations including 60 invited lectures, along with 213 poster presentations. There were 27 companies who participated as exhibitors. Various Social programs such as the Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner were held.