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    Congratulations of our New Presidents

    A. New President Cabinet

    The following were elected as new officers of AOSNR:

    1. Teresita Joy P. Evangelista: President
    2. Nirmal Surya : President Elect
    3. Izumi Kondo : Secretary
    4. Fary Khan: Treasurer

    AOSNR decided to elect 2 more officers to our Presidium, aiming to conduct the WFNR meeting in Lyon in 2020. Congratulation Prof. Teresita Joy P. Evangelista being a new president, Nirmal Surya being a president Elect, Lzumi Kondo being a secretary and Fary Khan being a Treasurer, and thanks to Prof Nam Jong and Prof Tiebin YAN for previous contributions, Prof Nam Jong continues to serve as ex officer voting member of the Presidium.

    Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine (TCI)

    B. Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine (TCI) Committee was approved under AOSNR

    Chunlei Shan & Lei Fang, Shanghai Tradition Chinese Medicine University Rehabilitation College, successfully established the SIG of traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicine in Neuro-Rehabilitation under AOSNR.