• National Presidents

    The AOSNR has appointed Presidents in the Asia-Pacific regions. Our Presidents are responsible for promoting the AOSNR in their own region and for providing member support. We hope that we will have more regional meetings and teaching courses.

    Teresita Joy Ples Evangelista

    MD, MHA, FPARM, President of AOSNR


    • Professor, University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Department of Physiology and Department of Rehabilitation Medicine;
    • Past President, Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine;
    • Past Chairperson, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, UP-PGH;
    • Past Chairperson, Board of Physical and Occupational Therapy;
    • Professional Regulation Commission;
    • Chairperson, Dept of Physical Med and Rehabilitation, Asian Hospital and Medical Center;
    • Head, Rehabilitation Medicine Section, Philippine Children's Medical Center;
    • President, Philippine Society of Neurorehabilitation;
    • Editor in chief of PARM Proceedings, official journal of PARM;

    Nirmal Surya

    President-Elect of AOSNR


    • Chairman of Surya Neuro Centre, Mumbai and Founder Trustee and Chairman of Epilepsy Foundation India;
    • Past Director for Department of Neuro- rehabilitation at BYL Nair Hospital & Topiwala Medical College(2000-2015);

    • President, 10th World Congress in Neuro-Rehabilitation (WCNR 2018), Hyderabad, India;

    • Chair for Special Interest Group(SIG) on developing world forum of WFNR;

    • Vice president, (South Asia) of WFNR (World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation);

    • President of Indian Federation of Neuro Rehabilitation (IFNR);

    • Treasurer, Indian Academy of Neurology, 2014-2017;

    • Member, Program committee, 9th World Congress in Neurorehabilitation, May 2016, Philadelphia;

    • Past President of Bombay Neurosciences Association (BNA) and Maharashtra Association of Neurology(MAN);

    • Guest Editor of Saudi Journal of Disability and Rehabilitation April 2004 issue.

    Izumi Kondo

    Secretary of AOSNR


    • President of 2nd meeting of JSNRNR;
    • Director, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, National Hospital for Geriatric Medicine, Japan

    Fary Khan

    Treasurer of AOSNR


    • Director of Rehabilitation at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Melbourne and Australian Representative for the ISPRM and the Asia-Oceania Society of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation;
    • Independent elected member for Rehabilitation Medicine for Asia and Oceania Region for the past four years;
    • The Chair of ISPRM Disaster Rehabilitation Committee and Disaster Rehabilitation Special Interest Group of the Rehabilitation Medicine Society of Australia and New Zealand (RMSANZ);
    • Executive member of the WHO Liaison Committee for Capacity building;
    • The women's Health Task Force and Cancer Rehabilitation Network ISPRM; 
    • Her work in refugee healthcare and promoting rehabilitation services in low income countries in the region is ISPRM at their Annual Scientific Congress in Paris on July 2018.