The AOSNR is open to all professionals with an interest in neurological rehabilitation irrespective of sex, religion, disability, philosophical or political opinions or nationality.

Membership categories:

                • Ordinary Membership (Personal Membership, National Society Membership)
                • Extraordinary membership (Honorary Membership, Corporate Membership)

Ordinary Membership

This category contains two sub-categories of ordinary membership.

Personal Membership

Membership of the AOSNR shall be open to any professional with an interest in the development of neurological rehabilitation. Membership shall be defined by an entry in the mailing list of the AOSNR Update. Personal membership carries voting rights at the General Assembly at each AOSNR Congress or at an Extraordinary General Assembly that may be called from time to time. There will be a fee for personal membership and the level of the fee shall be determined by the Presidium.

Download application form here.

National Society Membership

Any national society with an interest in neurological rehabilitation shall be eligible for membership in this category. The membership status of national societies shall be decided by the Executive Board after receiving a recommendation from the Presidium. There will be fee for a national society to be affiliated to the AOSNR and the fee level shall be determined by the Presidium.  The President (or nominated representative) of each national society formally affiliated to the AOSNR shall be a voting member of the Executive Board.

The members of a national society affiliated to the AOSNR will automatically be members of the AOSNR with full voting rights. Existence of a national society of neurological rehabilitation in a particular country does not require personal members of the AOSNR to be a member of that national society. Individuals could be personal members of the AOSNR whilst not being members of their own national society. Such individuals will still carry full voting rights.

Extraordinary Membership

This category is also split into two sub-categories.

Honorary Membership

Honorary members shall be elected from amongst those who, in the opinion of the Executive Board of the AOSNR, have made an exceptional contribution to the regional development of neurological rehabilitation. Honorary members shall be proposed by at least two members of the Executive Board and shall be elected by a two-thirds majority vote of the General Assemble. Honorary membership shall be formally conferred at an AOSNR Congress.

Corporate Membership

Any organization, company or foundation that has an interest in promoting the development of neurological rehabilitation shall be eligible for corporate membership at the discretion of the Executive Board.   Corporate members shall be elected by a majority vote of the Executive Board. There shall be an annual fee for corporate membership and the Executive Board shall determine the fee level from time to time. Corporate membership does not carry voting rights.