the Asia - Oceanian Society for NeuroRehabilitation

The organization shall be known as the Asia-Oceanian Society for NeuroRehabilitation (AOSNR).

The AOSNR is not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings of the AOSNR shall inure to the benefit of any private individual or member. The AOSNR shall remain independent.

The objectives of the AOSNR are:

A. To advance the development and improve the quality of neurological rehabilitation across the Asia-Oceanian region.
B. To stimulate collaboration between clinicians and others with an interest in neurological rehabilitation, including cooperation among National Scientific Societies addressing neurorehabilitation.
C. To facilitate exchange of knowledge and scientific research between clinicians and others with an interest in neurological rehabilitation.

The AOSNR will achieve these objectives by:

          • Producing a regular newsletter or communication in order to stimulate information between those with an interest in neurological rehabilitation.
          • Arranging courses and training programs in neurological rehabilitation.
          • Developing and distributing guidelines for best clinical practice and education standards in the field of neurological rehabilitation.
          • Organizing an AOSNR Congress to be held approximately every two years.
          • Collaborating with government organizations and national or international political bodies to increase awareness of neurorehabilitation problems and perspectives within the region.
          • Any other activity that will promote the development of neurological rehabilitation on a regional basis.